Mission & Objectives

To provide education, sports, learning, art and cultural facilities and all kinds of help and relief to the physically handicapped, blind, lame, deaf, dumb, orphans and the disabled and also make efforts for the recognition of their abilities

To Arrange, Undertake and Give support for organizing conferences, lectures, discourses for promoting and imparting knowledge, education, science, art, cultural and sports activities among masses at large.

To Establish, Develop, Manage or Assist otherwise to promote culture, science, sports, education, tourism and patriotism.

To Carry out all activities to achieve the basic aim of recognition and betterment of quality of learning, training, coaching of education, sports, art and culture among the people and support the other institutions doing the similar activities.

To Provide relief to poor stricken with calamities such as earth quake, floods, droughts, famines, fire, riots, or otherwise.

To Establish, Maintain and Support public places, i.e., orphanages, old age homes, Naari Kalyan Kendra, and similar centers for charitable purposes.

To Setup educational websites and create multimedia programs for TV, radio and other mass media in India and abroad to provide basic and general awareness to masses in the field of education, science, art, social, culture, human behaviour, sports, creatures and other fields of general interests.

To Undertake, Preserve, Maintain, Support the work of plantation and conservation of natural resources or aid the institutions carrying out such work.

To Assist and Support other institutions having similar objects of advancement of this Trust. To give subscriptions, contribution and/or donations to any other public charitable institutions or government or non-government organizations for promotion of any object/objects similar to the objects of the Trust.

To Carry out any other object of general public utility. It is being understood that objects of the Trust will not include the objects involving the carrying on of any activity for profit within the meaning of Income-Tax Act, 1961.

To Enable education for capability development of human capital for and education. building a strong nation, by rendering services in areas of skill development and education.

To Empower Women and economically weaker sections of the society and the lesser privileged people for their integrated development.

To Bring positive changes in the lives of homeless, disabled, orphaned or uncared children, with a focus to work towards their education, development and empowerment.

To Bring sustainable development and to create advance public understanding and engagement for the protection of natural environment.

To Provide modern medical healthcare facilities, for the purpose of building up a healthy society.

To Propagate traditional therapies for strengthening physical, mental and spiritual health and achieving world peace.

To Provide general charitable activities for one and all sections of the society, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

To Organize camps and undertake other activities for match-making and marriage bureau for charitable purpose.

To Carry in-house research in the fields of education and sports by engaging in the research and development in all fields, systems of education and sports activities and to develop new technologies so as to afford good quality education in a better way. Further, to collect primary and secondary data and make statistical analysis and apply the findings for furthering research and maintain, generate and upkeep intellectual rights, properties and privileges in the field of education and sports, research, development and innovations and to patent the same and / or register and trade mark(s) and to make use of the same by sale / export / let on hire either for charitable, social purposes.

To Purchase and acquire land and construct the same for establishment of Dharamshalla, temples, old age homes, blind schools, institute, acquire equipments, laboratories and instruments required to educate and train students, trainees, to grant such certificates , degrees or recognitions as the Trust may prescribe or deem fit from time to time and to grant stipends, scholarships or any other assistance monetary or otherwise to whomsoever to further the course of education and sports activities and research in the field of academic and professional and vocational education and sports.